The production of cold cuts is a matter of body language, tradition, experience and craftmanship. It’s knowledge that has been handed down for generations.

Our 50 years-old history is rich in tradition and knowledge handed down from father to son, from Luigi to Cristian. Entire lives committed to a profession not simply a job, today as yesterday.

Our choice is made out the love for our products, for our people with whom we work side by side.
The people thanks to whom we were able to build our company.
Ours is a choice that comes from the love for our land, our environment and its people from who inspire us.

This is the simple recipe that made it possible for our company to become a leader in our field.

Company Elementi

1966: marks the beginning of our family’s long history of passion and commitment to this profession and its products which always stood out for their quality

The hills surrounding Cividale have always been silent witnesses of the evolution that Salumificio Vida has undergone; from a small delicatessen workshop to a modern food company.

Starting from its strong national experience, Salumificio Vida now satisfies the needs and tastes of international markets in countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Canada and Japan.