Nature has its rhythms and knows what’s best; this is why we chose to work according to its needs. Our pigs come from certified organic farms, so we make sure their needs are met at every step of their lives. They are free to roam in huge dedicated areas and only feed on natural food from organic farming with zero GMO, pesticides or herbicides. Our pigs live and breed according to their biological rhythm; thus, no external interference nor use of preventive treatments that may alter their metabolism are allowed.It is a healthy ecosystem where the rules of nature need to be adhered.We are aware of the importance of being patient, as true quality can only be achieved if you follow the timing set by nature.

Ancient recipes for our best meats

Our profession is producing cold cuts; our philosophy is that of bringing ancient tastes and values back from our agricultural heritage.
That is why we produce organic meat following ancient recipes from our Italian tradition. This requires the careful handling of meats in accordance with natures’ rhythms.

The safety of certified quality

The entire chain of production follows not only all EU standards but it is also strictly checked according to the FSSC22000 food safety standards and supervised by the internationally respected Inspection Bodies for organic goods.
Thanks to these ongoing verification procedures under strict EC regulations, we have been proudly offering our customers a genuine and controlled production chain for over 50 years.